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Bingo Cards are also sometimes known as Bingo Boards or Bingo Sheets

Software for creating printable bingo games is sometimes known as a Bingo Card Creator, a Bingo Card Generator, or a Bingo Card Maker.
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Contractions Uncontracted Phrases Bingo Cards and Template

The latest version of our bingo card creator software, Bingo Card Printer, comes with hundreds of ready-to-use bingo activities and games, including a ready to use set of Contractions Uncontracted Phrases bingo cards.

You can print and use any of these bingo activities exactly as they are, or you can use them as a template for your own projects - by adding your own items, deleting unwanted items, customizing colors and fonts, etc.

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Contractions are shortened versions of words, syllables, or word groups, formed by omitting internal letters, and replacing some of the by apostrophe. For example, "can not" can be shortened to the contraction "can't".

Bingo Card Printer includes two ready-to-use bingo templates based on contractions:
  1. Contractions

  2. Contractions - Uncontracted Phrases
Here is a comparison of the word lists in the contractions templates included with Bingo Card Printer:

Contractions - Uncontracted Phrases Contractions
are notaren't
can notcan't
could notcouldn't
did notdidn't
do notdon't
does notdoesn't
had nothadn't
has nothasn't
have nothaven't
he had / he wouldhe'd
he is / he hashe's
he will / he shallhe'll
I amI'm
I had / I wouldI'd
I haveI've
I will / I shallI'll
is notisn't
let uslet's
might notmightn't
must notmustn't
shall notshan't
she had / she wouldshe'd
she is / she hasshe's
she will / she shallshe'll
should notshouldn't
that is / that hasthat's
there is / there hasthere's
they arethey're
they had / they wouldthey'd
they havethey've
they will / they shallthey'll
we arewe're
we had / we wouldwe'd
we havewe've
were notweren't
what arewhat're
what havewhat've
what is / what haswhat's
what will / what shallwhat'll
where is / where haswhere's
who arewho're
who had / who wouldwho'd
who havewho've
who is / who haswho's
who will / who shallwho'll
will notwon't
would notwouldn't
you areyou're
you had / you wouldyou'd
you haveyou've
you will / you shallyou'll

Creating Conractions Bingo Cards

Here is an example bingo card creating using the Contractions Uncontracted Phrases bingo card template:

Contractions Uncontracted Phrases Bingo Card

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Creating a whole set of Contractions Uncontracted Phrases bingo cards using Bingo Card Printer is easy. Here are the steps:-
  1. Start Bingo Card Printer

  2. Click Create New Bingo Card Project... (or click New... on the File menu).

  3. A dialog box will appear. Click the English tab.

  4. Select Contractions - Uncontracted Phrases by clicking it with the mouse (you may need to scroll through the list), then click OK (or simply double click on Contractions - Uncontracted Phrases).

  5. You are now ready to print your bingo cards, or you can customize them (using colors and fonts, by deleting unwanted items or adding new items, changing the bingo card size, etc.) before printing if you choose.
Here is a video showing how to create contractions bingo cards using our bingo card maker software:

The items that appear on bingo cards created using the standard Contractions Uncontracted Phrases template are:-
  • are not
  • can not
  • could not
  • did not
  • do not
  • does not
  • had not
  • has not
  • have not
  • he had / he would
  • he is / he has
  • he will / he shall
  • I am
  • I had / I would
  • I have
  • I will / I shall
  • is not
  • let us
  • might not
  • must not
  • shall not
  • she had / she would
  • she is / she has
  • she will / she shall
  • should not
  • that is / that has
  • there is / there has
  • they are
  • they had / they would
  • they have
  • they will / they shall
  • we are
  • we had / we would
  • we have
  • were not
  • what are
  • what have
  • what is / what has
  • what will / what shall
  • where is / where has
  • who are
  • who had / who would
  • who have
  • who is / who has
  • who will / who shall
  • will not
  • would not
  • you are
  • you had / you would
  • you have
  • you will / you shall
This list contains 51 items.
  • If you download the free trial version of Bingo Card Printer, you can generate bingo cards containing these items immediately. The free trial version allows you to customize the bingo card size, header, free space, fonts, and colors.

  • If you Register your copy of Bingo Card Printer, you will also be able to customize the list of items, by removing any unwanted items, or adding your own additional items.

  • If you select this bingo template: The software will initially generate a set of 5X5 bingo cards with a free space in the center square, but you can turn off the free space if you wish. You can also generate 3x3, 4x4, 6x6, or 7x7 bingo cards from this item list if you wish.
If you would like to see a bingo game produced using this template, containing 8 bingo cards and a call sheet, please download The ZIP archive also contains the BCP settings file which you can open in Bingo Card Printer to customize the project, as well as a README.TXT containing the License grant and other information.

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Some people refer to printable bingo cards as "bingo boards" or "bingo sheets", and may also like to modify the standard cards included by our software, and hence may refer to Contractions Uncontracted Phrases Bingo Cards by one of the following terms:
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