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Alphabet Bingo Cards
Baby Shower Bingo
Bible Bingo Cards
Birthday Bingo Cards
Blank Bingo Cards
Bridal Shower Bingo
Canada Day Bingo Cards
Chinese New Year Bingo
Christmas Bingo Cards
Cinco de Mayo Bingo Cards
Columbus Day Bingo Cards
Dolch Sight Word Bingo
Earth Day Bingo Cards
Easter Bingo Cards
Educational Bingo Cards
Father's Day Bingo Cards
Flag Day Bingo Cards
Fractions Bingo Cards
French Bingo Cards
Geography Bingo Cards
German Bingo Cards
Groundhog Day Bingo
Halloween Bingo Cards
Hanukkah Bingo Cards
History Bingo Cards
Icebreaker Bingo Cards
July 4th Bingo Cards
Juneteenth Bingo Cards
Kwanzaa Bingo Cards
Labor Day Bingo Cards
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MLK Day Bingo Cards
Mother's Day Bingo Cards
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New Year Bingo Cards
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Passover Bingo Cards
Phonics Bingo Cards
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St. Patrick's Bingo
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Bingo Tip

Bingo Cards are also sometimes known as Bingo Boards or Bingo Sheets

Software for creating printable bingo games is sometimes known as a Bingo Card Creator, a Bingo Card Generator, or a Bingo Card Maker.
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Free Blank Bingo Card Printables

Here is a blank bingo card prepared using Bingo Card Printer, our bingo card creator software.
  • We've included just 1 card, as you can print it as many times as you wish.

  • If you want to create your own custom bingo cards (filled out with text already, using colors or fonts, etc.), then why not try out bingo card creator software? You'll be amazed how easy it is.

  • Our bingo card creator software can generate dozens, or hundreds, of unique bingo cards, each containing a different selection of items, with the click of a mouse!
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Example Blank Bingo Card:
Blank Bingo Card

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Create Printable Bingo Activities

Our bingo card maker software comes with tons of ready-to-use printable bingo activities and games, all available in seconds. You can use any of these activities "as is", or personalize them, by using them as a bingo template and adding/deleting your own items... Or you can create your own printable bingo games from scratch.

The ready-to-use bingo activites and bingo templates include:

Simple Bingo Cards
Standard US Bingo Cards
Alphabet (Lower Case)
Alphabet (Upper & Lower Pairs)
Alphabet (Upper & Lower Case)
Alphabet (Upper Case)
Numbers 1 to 49
Numbers 1 to 75
Numbers 1 to 90
Numbers 1 to 99
Roman Numerals 1 to 49
Roman Numerals 1 to 75
Roman Numerals 1 to 90
Roman Numerals 1 to 99

Art Bingo Cards
Art Movements
Famous Artists
Famous Paintings

English Bingo Cards
Air Travel
Business & Finance
Clothes & Clothing
Common Phrases
Contractions - Uncontracted Phrases
Elections & Politics
Figures of Speech
Government Systems
Household Items
Irregular Nouns - Plural Forms
Irregular Nouns - Singular Forms
Irregular Verbs - Base Forms
Irregular Verbs - Past Participles
Irregular Verbs - Past Simple
Irregular Verbs - Present Participles
Irregular Verbs - Present Tense
Jobs & Occupations
Kitchen Items
Latin Words & Phrases
Medical & Hospital
NATO Phonetic Alphabet
Numbers - Cardinals
Numbers - Ordinals
Numbers - Ordinals (Abbrevations)
Parts of the Body
Personality Traits
Texting Shorthand
Words & Phrases with Nautical Origins
Words Beginning With X
Words Containing Q Not Followed By U
Words Ending In O
Words With No Vowels

Events Bingo Cards
Baby Shower
Bridal Shower
Earth Hour
Wedding Anniversary

Food Bingo Cards
Alcoholic Drinks
Food & Drink
French Grapes
Fruit & Vegetables
Herbs & Spices

Geography Bingo Cards
African Countries
African Countries' Capitals
American Countries
Asian Countries
Australian Cities
Belgian Towns & Cities
British Cities
British Symbols & Culture
Commonwealth Countries
Countries of the World
Danish Towns & Cities
Dutch Towns & Cities
English Historic Counties
European Countries
European Countries' Capitals
EU Member States
EU Member States' Capitals
Florida Counties
Florida Towns & Cities
French Cities
French Departments
French Regions
French Symbols & Culture
German Cities
German Lšnder
Greek Towns & Cities
Indian States
Indian States' Capitals
Irish Counties
Italian Cities
Japanese Cities
100 Largest Cities
London Boroughs
London Landmarks
Mexican Cities
NATO Member States
New York Landmarks
Oceanian Countries
Portuguese Towns & Cities
Rivers (European)
Rivers (Worldwide)
Russian Cities
Scottish Historic Counties
Scottish Symbols & Culture
Shipping Areas
South African Towns & Cities
South Korean Towns & Cities
Swedish Towns & Cities
Tallest Mountains
Texas Counties
Texas Towns & Cities
Turkish Towns & Cities
US Largest Cities
US National Parks
US States
US States' Abbreviations
US States' Capitals

History Bingo Cards
American Civil War
American Revolution
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
British Empire
British Prime Ministers
Cold War
English Civil War
English Kings & Queens
Falklands War
Famous Explorers
Famous Inventors
French Revolution
Middle Ages
Norman Conquest of England
Queen Elizabeth II
Russian Revolution
Space Exploration
Spanish Civil War
The 1950s
The 1960s
The 1970s
The 1980s
US Presidents
United Nations
Winston Churchill
World War I
World War II
WW2 Aircraft
WW2 Battle of Britain
WW2 D-Day
WW2 Generals & Admirals

Holidays Bingo Cards
4th July
Bastille Day
Burns Night
Canada Day
Chinese New Year
Cinco De Mayo
Columbus Day
Earth Day
Father's Day
Flag Day
Groundhog Day
Guy Fawkes' Night
Labor Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Mother's Day
New Year
St. Andrew's Day
St. David's Day
St. George's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Valentine's Day
Veterans Day
Washington's Birthday/Presidents' Day

Languages Bingo Cards
French Numbers
French Phrases
German Numbers
German Phrases
Greek Alphabet (Letter Names)
Greek Alphabet (Lower Case)
Greek Alphabet (Upper & Lower Pairs)
Greek Alphabet (Upper & Lower Case)
Greek Alphabet (Upper Case)
Spanish Numbers
Spanish Phrases

Literature Bingo Cards
Ancient Writers
Charles Dickens
George Orwell's 1984
Grimms' Fairy Tales
Hans Christian Andersen
Jane Austen
Nobel Laureates in Literature
Science Fiction Authors
Shakespeare's Plays
Shakespearean Phrases
Sherlock Holmes

Math Bingo Cards
2D Shapes
3D Shapes
Addition (Easiest)
Addition (Easy)
Addition (Medium)
Addition (Tough)
Decimals Numbers (Easy)
Decimals Numbers (Medium)
Decimals Numbers (Tough)
Division (Easiest)
Division (Easy)
Division (Medium)
Division (Tough)
Division (Toughest)
Even Numbers upto 100
Famous Mathematicians
Fractions - Addition
Fractions - Division
Fractions - Multiplication
Fractions - Subtraction
Multiplication (Easiest)
Multiplication (Easy)
Multiplication (Medium)
Multiplication (Tough)
Multiplication (Toughest)
Odd Numbers upto 100
Powers of 2 (upto 2^24)
Powers of 2 (upto 2^32)
Prime Numbers under 100
Squares of 1 to 25
Squares of 1 to 50
Squares of 1 to 60
Subtraction (Easiest)
Subtraction (Easy)
Subtraction (Medium)
Subtraction (Tough)

Media Bingo Cards
James Bond Films
Oscar Winning Actors
Oscar Winning Actresses
Oscar Winning Movies
UK Newspapers
UK Sitcoms
US Sitcoms

Music Bingo Cards
1950s Music
1960s Music
1970s Music
1980s Music
Famous Composers
Hard Rock Artists
Music Notation
Musical Instruments
Orchestral Instruments
Orchestral Instruments Expanded
The Beatles
The Beatles - Song Titles

Myth Bingo Cards
Egyptian Gods & Goddesses
Illiad Characters
Norse Gods & Goddesses
Olympian Gods
Olympians & Greek Gods

Reading Bingo Cards
Dolch Sight Words - Pre-Primer
Dolch Sight Words - Primer
Dolch Sight Words - 1st Grade
Dolch Sight Words - 2nd Grade
Dolch Sight Words - 3rd Grade
Dolch Sight Words - Nouns
Phonics - Bossy E Words
Phonics - Consonant Blends
Phonics - Blends - "bl" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "br" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "cl" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "cr" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "dr" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "fl" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "fr" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "gl" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "gr" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "pl" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "pr" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "sc" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "sk" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "sl" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "sm" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "sn" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "sp" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "st" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "tr" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "tw" beginning
Phonics - Blends - "wr" beginning
Phonics - Consonant Digraphs
Phonics - Digraphs - "ch" beginning
Phonics - Digraphs - "ch" ending
Phonics - Digraphs - "ch" anywhere
Phonics - Digraphs - "ck" ending
Phonics - Digraphs - "ll" ending
Phonics - Digraphs - "ng" ending
Phonics - Digraphs - "ph" beginning
Phonics - Digraphs - "ph" middle/end
Phonics - Digraphs - "ph" anywhere
Phonics - Digraphs - "sh" beginning
Phonics - Digraphs - "sh" ending
Phonics - Digraphs - "sh" anywhere
Phonics - Digraphs - "tch" ending
Phonics - Digraphs - "th" beginning
Phonics - Digraphs - "th" anywhere
Phonics - Digraphs - "th" ending
Phonics - Digraphs - "wh" beginning
Phonics - CVC Words
Phonics - R-Controlled Vowels Words
Phonics - Rhymes
Phonics - Vowel Digraphs
Phonics - Vowel Digraphs - "ai"
Phonics - Vowel Digraphs - "ea"
Phonics - Vowel Digraphs - "ee"
Phonics - Vowel Digraphs - "oa"
Phonics - Vowel Digraphs - "oi"
Phonics - Vowel Digraphs - "oo"
Phonics - Vowel Digraphs - "ou"
Sight Words - Easy
Sight Words - Medium
Sight Words - Medium & Easy
Sight Words - Tough
Sight Words - Tough & Medium

Religion Bingo Cards
Bible (New Testament Books)
Bible (Old & New Testament Books)
Bible (Old Testament Books)
Men of the New Testament
Prophets (Judaism)
Prophets of the Bible
Twelve Tribes of Israel

Science Bingo Cards
Animal Phyla
Cat Breeds
Elements Symbols
Famous Scientists
Geological Eras
Geological Periods (N. America)
Geological Periods (International)
Global Warming
Human Skeleton
Moons of Jupiter
Moons of Saturn
Planets & the Solar System
Plant Divisions
SI Units
Sea Life
Volcanoes & Vulcanism

Sport Bingo Cards
Athletic Events
Soccer FA Premier League Clubs
Soccer FIFA World Cup Host Nations
Soccer FIFA World Cup Winners
Soccer Greats
Soccer UEFA Champions League Winners

Technology Bingo Cards
Classic Video Games
Computer Jargon
Computer Programming Languages
UNIX Shell

Time Bingo Cards
Chinese Zodiac
Fall (Autumn)
Times in 12 Hour Clock (Easy)
Times in 12 Hour Clock (Hard)
Times in 24 Hour Clock (Easy)
Times in 24 Hour Clock (Hard)
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